Chicago White Sox Suspend Pitcher Chris Sale For “Destroying Team Equipment”


The Chicago White Sox’s announcement that Chris Sale was being scratched from Saturday’s start for a “non-physical” clubhouse incident sent shock waves around Major League Baseball. With the MLB trade deadline just a week away, how would this affect one of the league’s most valuable pitchers, one whom the Sox were reportedly looking to deal for a big return? Had a deal been reached? How would teams interested in Sale’s services react to the incident?

More immediately, though, what exactly happened in the clubhouse before Saturday’s game against the Tigers? Was Sale just getting into some heated arguments about his pending trade?

Nah. Apparently he just didn’t dig his outfit.

Not a joke: Source says Sale blowup was because he didn’t want to wear throwbacks, so he cut the jerseys up so no one could wear them.

A statement released by General Manager Rick Hahn less than 30 minutes before the scheduled first pitch said the incident was “non-physical in nature” and was being investigated by the club. Multiple reports indicated the incident involved the 1976 throwback uniforms the Sox were supposed to wear Saturday. Sale reportedly found the uniforms uncomfortable and cut them up during batting practice. All of them. The whole team’s.

The Sox ended up emerging from the dugout in their 1983 throwbacks instead.

Sale is 14-3 with a 3.18 ERA this season. He led the AL last year with 274 strikeouts.

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