Hungary PM Becomes First EU Leader To Endorse Trump


The anti-terrorism proposals of Donald Trump make him a better option for the world, Europe and Hungary, Hungarian PM Victor Orban said.

The Hungarian Prime Minister became the first European leader to endorse US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I am not a Donald Trump campaigner. I never thought it would occur to me that of the available options, he would be the better one for Europe and for Hungary”, Orban said in an annual speech.

“Trump has made some proposals about stopping terrorism, that I as a European couldn’t have said better regarding what would be best for Europe”, Orban said.

“If we prioritise democracy-building rather than stability in those regions where stability is more important, then we are kindling insecurity,” he said.

“If Turkey becomes unstable, then many tens of millions of people could turn toward Europe,” he said.

At least 400,000 migrants passed though Hungary during 2015 before the government shut its southern borders with a huge fence.

The government passed tougher anti-migrant laws after the huge influx in 2015.